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New York, NY, USA
Posted on Friday, September 8, 2023
At, we build technologies that help transform buildings into indoor spaces that are useful for people in their daily journey to accomplish their goals, working or being cared for, in a safe & sustainable indoor environment. Over the past 24 months has entered a new growth trajectory steaming from the healthcare vertical.
We grew from 30 to 100 people, and quadrupled our ARR - all while remaining extremely capital efficient. Now, we are entering the next stage of growth taking the business from $10M+ to $100M+ ARR. With the aim of bringing growth to the next level, we are looking for a Marketing Content Writer.
Are you a talented and creative Marketing Content Writer with a strong background in B2B SaaS marketing? Do you have experience in journalism or a similar field that fuels your passion for storytelling and creating compelling narratives? Are you technically savvy and can quickly learn new things? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to join our dynamic marketing team.
As a Marketing Content Writer at, you will play a crucial role in developing and executing content strategies to engage our target audience, enhance brand awareness, and generate leads for our B2B SaaS services.
Your exceptional writing skills will be instrumental in creating copy for various marketing channels, including website copy, emails, landing pages, ads, whitepapers, articles, blogs, sales brochures, and other marketing collateral. You will work with our Sales team on sales enablement material, such as brochures, sales emails, etc.


  • Develop and implement content strategies aligned with marketing objectives to support direct response and demand generation campaigns for B2B SaaS audiences.
  • Write persuasive and engaging copy for diverse marketing channels, including website pages, emails, landing pages, ads, whitepapers, articles, blogs, sales brochures, and other collateral.
  • Create captivating storytelling content that resonates with the target audience, highlighting the unique value propositions of our B2B SaaS offerings.
  • Develop branding content strategy and create massaging for internal and external communications, while maintaining a consistent brand voice.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing, product, and sales, to understand target audiences, product positioning, and key value propositions, ensuring content aligns with brand messaging and guidelines.
  • Conduct thorough research to gain insights into industry trends, competitive landscapes, and customer pain points, using the findings to inform content creation and branding strategies.
  • Optimize content for SEO and other digital marketing best practices to ensure maximum visibility, lead generation, and brand exposure.
  • Edit and proofread content to ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to brand guidelines, maintaining high-quality standards across all content deliverables.
  • Monitor content performance and engagement metrics to identify areas for improvement and recommend optimization strategies to increase brand visibility and customer engagement.
  • Collaborate with designers and other team members to create visually appealing and impactful content assets that align with the brand's visual identity.
  • Emphasize brand consistency in all content pieces to strengthen brand recognition and establish a cohesive brand image in the market.


  • Relevant education in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, or a related field.
  • Proven work experience as a Marketing Content Writer with a focus on B2B SaaS marketing.
  • Strong portfolio showcasing a variety of content pieces developed for B2B audiences, including messaging for demand generation digital marketing campaigns.
  • Background in journalism or similar field, enabling a storytelling approach to content creation.
  • Background in journalism or similar field, enabling a storytelling approach to content creation.
  • Exceptional writing and editing skills, with an ability to tailor content to specific target audiences and marketing objectives.
  • Familiarity with SEO and content optimization best practices to drive organic traffic and lead generation.
  • Strong understanding of demand generation copy, including conversion optimization tactics.
  • Knowledge of Hubspot and Wordpress is a plus.
  • Excellent research skills and the ability to translate complex topics into clear and compelling content.
  • Creative mindset with a keen eye for detail and an understanding of design principles to collaborate effectively with design teams.
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively in a team-oriented environment.
  • Compensation will be determined based on the candidate's experience and qualifications, but will fall within the range of $80,000K to $100,000K. Virtues and Culture
Customer Leadership - customer leadership is the key. If a customer has a problem we don’t wait. We understand what customer needs and we tailor our services, products around the customer. It doesn’t mean that we let the customer lead us. It means that we think about the customer first.
Growth mindset - we commit to results and growth. We are responsible for results, not for the activity or time spent. If we believe we can’t achieve a result or a job, it’s our duty to raise the voice, push back, explain what we suggest instead. We don’t see results as something static - ever. This means that our results and expectations are becoming more ambitious, quarter over quarter. We constantly evolve.
Challenge, inspiration and respect - we are the challenger in the marketplace. When working with each other - or with customers - we enjoy and desire to challenge each other. We listen, reflect, and respond. We aim to understand the point of view of the other party and if there is customer merit in the argument. When we challenge, we articulate our hypothesis clearly and provide data and evidence in our argumentation. We respect the time of our colleagues. We have a zero-tolerance towards discrimination of any kind. We respect the environment.
Systematic execution - We recognize that the start-up journey will only be successful if we learn twice as much as others in half the time. For us, innovation also means continuous improvement in all fields. We think in systems when driving results, growth, and learnings.
Acting with urgency - We have a sense of urgency in everything we do - at all times. It’s deeply rooted in the belief that as an up-start, as a challenger, we need to drive value for our customers faster and better than anybody else in the marketplace. We do things outside of the personal comfort zone.
Join our passionate marketing team and make a significant impact. If you're a results-driven Marketing Content Writer we'd love to hear from you. Apply now and take the next step in your marketing career with